Benefits of Working Out with Other People

Exercise is just one building block of health—but it’s an important one. People who workout regularly burn more calories, which helps to maintain weight. They use up excess sugar, and often are able to tamp down those low-energy sugar cravings. And if you exercise, you generate endorphins, which are essential to helping you feel good about the day ahead.
But going it alone when it comes to exercise is often a difficult routine to maintain. And it’s harder to push yourself to your max, too, when you exercise alone—which means that you might not be building the strength and stamina that you could.
That’s why working out with other people, and working out in group fitness classes, can be so valuable. It can keep you on edge—the good kind—by constantly making your muscles stronger. It can keep you accountable, too, to the friends and people you meet while exercising. Why else does it matter? This graphic explains it.


Better with Friends: Benefits of Working Out with Other People

Author: Sue Kauffman

Health and PE teacher in Central PA. Exercise, fitness and nutrition junkie. Married, two teen girls (pulling out hair daily). Love to ballroom dance. Beachbody customer and coach. e-mail me at

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