5 Reasons Why Fitness Newbies Should Start Slow

With the holidays behind us, many people will decide now is the time to start a fitness program.  Some may be new to exercise and healthy diet. Some will be starting over after a long hiatus.  Here are five reasons why fitness newbies should take it slow.

fitness newbies

We should start slow because…

  1. Fitness Newbies don’t like sore muscles. 

    When we first start out, we are excited to be making a healthy change in our lives. We think more is better and overdue on the weights, the reps and the intensity.  Day 1 feels great! By day 2 and day 3 our muscles are screaming from all the lactic acid we have built up in them. Going up and down steps is agony.  So is sitting down and getting up out of a chair.  This is the time most people throw up their hands and say, “I quit!” Wouldn’t it make more sense to start slow and avoid the dreaded day two and three? After all, quitting is not the objective!

  2. Fitness Newbies tend to get injured. 

    Someone who is starting out at a lower level of fitness is prone to injuries (and other medical problems) if he/she overdoes it. If we have been sedentary for a period of time, we need to see a doctor to be cleared to exercise.  Most gyms and personal trainers will not work with us until we are given a clean bill of health. If our exercise program is supervised, we will, guess what?  Start out slowly.

  3. Fitness Newbies will only feel worse if they quit. 

    When we start on a fitness journey and then quit, it lowers our confidence in our ability to be successful the next time. Starting slowly allows us to set attainable goals and experience success. This will motivate us to reach for new attainable goals and experience more success.

  4. Fitness Newbies often view the process as all or nothing. 

    Starting out slowly can help someone new to a healthy lifestyle realize that “a little fitness” is better than none at all.  Just because we miss a workout one day, or overeat another day doesn’t mean we’ve failed and should throw the whole thing out the window. So we had a bad day?  Start fresh the next day!

  5. Fitness Newbies are, well.. new, and they will make mistakes. 

    As a newbie, do we know all there is to know about fitness ? Of course not!  That information takes time to learn, but that doesn’t mean we should wait until we have it all inside our noggins. Starting slow allows us to make small changes as time goes by.  Before we know it, those many small changes turn into one big lifestyle change.

Author: Sue Kauffman

Health and PE teacher in Central PA. Exercise, fitness and nutrition junkie. Married, two teen girls (pulling out hair daily). Love to ballroom dance. Beachbody customer and coach. e-mail me at suek11@embarqmail.com

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