February Fitness Challenge


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Starting Monday, February 6, I will be running a new fitness challenge. To join, go to http://www.facebook.com/SueKauffmanFitness and like the page. Find a friend to join you and then you will have a workout buddy. Here’s how it will work:

1. We’ll be using the “Spell Your Name Workout” above each day.
2. Each morning, I will post a sentence or phrase to use as your workout. Do the exercises that are assigned to each letter in the sentence. Do a workout at least two times a week. You may do one every day if you want to! Start easy if you are an exercise beginner!
3. I will also post one word. You can use this to do a finisher if you have a current workout schedule you are following.
4. If you need to modify any exercises, go ahead! You can go to my YouTube channel to see modifications of many of these exercises.
5. Each time you work out, post on SueKauffmanFitness and let us all know how it went. Post a selfie after your workout (optional)
6. Post a picture of what you are having for your evening meal. You’ll be more likely to eat healthy if you know you have to show the world!

Special thanks to  robolikesifit.tumblr.com For the Spell Your Name  Workout.

Have fun and don’t forget to ask a friend to join you!

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10 Healthy Changes in 10 Weeks


Why do so many people fail at living the healthy lifestyle? So many people get disappointed and give up. It’s because people make drastic changes all at once that can’t be maintained.  They restrict calories to the point where they are miserable.  How long do you think that will last? A week tops! They start an extreme workout, get sore and quit within 5 days.  Then they feel like a failure and console themselves with food.  The unhealthy cycle continues. If this sounds like the merry-go-round you’ve been on, take heart!  There is an easier way and it can be achieved.  Gradual changes over time have more of a chance to become a healthy habit you will adopt as a lifestyle change. When it becomes as second nature as brushing your teeth, you will know it’s working.  Here are ten doable changes you can make in ten weeks.  Make a plan to start NOW and by Christmas, you will be excited about the new healthier you! Each week add on the new and continue the old.  Ask a friend to start this ten week challenge with you.  It’s even easier when you have an accountability partner! These suggestions are designed for total beginners.  Feel free to modify depending on your fitness level and your current style of eating.

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Week 1








Replace one sugary drink with an 8 ounce glass of water

Week 2

Walk for 10 minutes and add one minute to your walk each day until you get to 30 minutes. You’re starting this at week 2, but it will take longer than one week to get to 30 minutes.

Week 3

2011-10-14 17_08_40








Add one serving of raw, frozen or canned vegetables to your daily food.  Eliminate one sugary or salty snack.

Week 4

Add one serving of fresh fruit to your daily diet.  Eliminate one sugary or salty snack

Week 5

Plank for 15 seconds three times this week.

Week 6

Replace another sugary drink with another 8 ounce glass of water.  The goal here is to drink at least eight 8 oz glasses.  We’re added them gradually and cutting back the sugary drinks.

Week 7









Time for a treat! Replace your usual weekend dinner outing with an activity outing.  Hiking, biking, mall kayaking, swimming, golfing, a cool fitness class you would like to try.  Take your favorite friend who is up for trying something new.

Week 8

Switch your “white” carbs to whole grain carbs.  For example, swap out your white rice for brown rice and your white bread to 100% whole grain.

Week 9

online fitness coaching: Find time to work out and eat right








Work very  hard at getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night this week.

Week 10

Find a body weight workout that meets your fitness level and do it three times this week.  You can do this in place of the planking. Or if you’re feeling spunky, add it to the planking.

Congratulations! If you have followed this ten week plan, you are now doing cardio and resistance exercise, drinking the recommended amount of water for your health, getting more sleep and eating a healthier diet.  Keep it going by thinking up new challenges for the next 10 weeks.



10 Vacation Fitness Challenge Ideas

Summer is here and most of us are getting away, at least for a long weekend if not for a longer vacation. Here’s an idea to keep you from falling off the healthy lifestyle wagon while you relax and enjoy the summer at your favorite destination.

For every day you are away, do one thing that keeps you moving in a healthy directions. Of course you may eat a little more and drink a little more and…well you know the drill, while on vacation. If you plan one healthy activity each day, you will have a goal in mind that will counteract the unhealthy. You may be pleasantly surprised when you get home and step on the scale for the first time!

Here are 10 ideas to get you started.

 1. Rent bikes


Morning ride to Bethany Diner

It’s a great way to really see the area you are visiting. While you are enjoying the scenery, you will be getting some great exercise. Many vacation areas have bicycles for rent at reasonable rates.

 2. Try an active water sport

A lot of us head to the beach, the lake, or the river in the summer. Active water sports abound! Kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving or swimming are all great ways to work some exercise into your day on the water.

 3. Look for an exercise class near you

I just spent two weeks at South Bethany Beach, Delaware. There were beach yoga, Pilates and Boot Camp classes all within walking distance from our beach house. Prices were reasonable and it’s a great way to meet a new fitness minded friend.

 4. Bring your workout with you

My hubby and I pack our exercise mats and his iPad. That’s all we need to get a good workout every morning. YouTube has tons of free workouts that are only a click away. Search for Fitness Blender to find really good bodyweight workouts so you don’t have to lug any equipment with you.

 5. Take a walk


Moonlite walk on Rehoboth Beach

The weather is always better in the summer. Sunny skies and warm temps are common. Even a walk in the rain will probably be a warm one. Put on a sturdy pair of sneakers and start walking. If you are camping, find a good hiking trail and go exploring.

 7. Eat in


Selfies with my hubby, daughter and niece after dinner.

My extended family takes turns cooking supper at our beach house. We get to try each other’s cooking, help each other in the kitchen and do some bonding over meals. Your home cooking will naturally contain less calories, fat and salt. That does not mean you shouldn’t go out at all. Everything in moderation!

 8. Relax

Vacations are meant to be a respite from your usual activities. Disconnect from the responsibilities of work and household chores. Resist checking work e-mail and texts. Your company will survive for a few days without you.

 9. Try local food

Wherever you go, remember that fresh, whole foods are best. When you are planning your meals, don’t forget about local farmer’s markets. When you look for a restaurant, look for farm to table places that use local meats, cheeses, produce etc.

 10. Escape into a good book

When you are on vacation, it’s a great time to read something purely for pleasure. Head to your library, favorite bookstore, Amazon or Kindle and pick out a few books you have been dying to read…then escape!

The challenge has been thrown down! Comment below to let me know how YOU added one healthy activity to each day of your get-a-way. Go to my Facebook site Sue Kauffman Fitness and like it. Then you can post a picture and a description of your healthy vacation activities! Happy Summer.

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Real live fitness

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Fitness and Travel: Las Vegas Health Expo!


Las Vegas’ very own marathon and health expo


Are you looking to combine a fitness challenge with a fun trip?  If so, then read on. Guest blogger, Olivia Wood, helps you learn more about the Health and Fitness Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada coming up in November.

Las Vegas doesn’t cut corners when it comes to providing the ultimate entertainment to people. It may be known for its noisy and flashy casino halls but now, it’s also becoming the go-to place for health buffs to challenge themselves. On November 11 – 13, 2016, runners and fitness enthusiasts will be happy to know that Sin City will be holding a 3-day Health and Fitness Expo that includes a Marathon, which will see participants using part of the Strip as their circuit. This event is great for people who are looking for health products, tips, and services that can aid them in losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

The Health and Fitness Expo will be featuring leaders in the fitness industry speaking at the event. Some of the notable speakers include Michael Ryan, CEO of Fitness STAR International, and Adriel Borhesi, Operations Manager/personal Trainer at Dumbbells Too.

Those who wish to participate in the marathon will need to visit the Health & Fitness expo in order to get their race packs, which include a t-shirt, gear bag, and race number. During the race, runners will get the chance to see the Strip at night, passing by some of the most iconic establishments such as the Wynn Casino, Caesar’s Palace, and Mandalay Bay Casino. Participants don’t need to be experienced long distance runners as there’s also a half marathon for beginners. For experienced marathon runners, the full version usually takes around 5 hours to complete. Around 20,000 runners participate in the event every year so if you’re interested in participating, register as early as now. Slots are limited and people sign up to the event every day, so make sure you secure your place now.

There have been a lot of fitness expos in Las Vegas currently, alongside popular annual events such as comic cons and tech shows. Las Vegas is trying to bolster its annual events schedule due to the fact that its casino services are slowly becoming redundant thanks to the advancements in online play. Today, people don’t need to go to Las Vegas just to play in the city’s huge bingo halls or gaming floors as people can simply do so in the comfort of their own home and enjoy cash rebates and multiple variants of TV and movie-themed bingo titles. Slots and table games can also be played on smartphones, complete with live dealers for blackjack and poker. Since Las Vegas cannot compete with the comfort that online casino gaming provides, Sin City casinos are constantly looking for alternative ways to generate revenue, and in this case, the Las Vegas Marathon and Health Expo is one of the ways that the city considered to counter the ongoing trend of online gaming.

Such an events as this, helps bring in a new demographic to Las Vegas every year, and introduce them to the wonders of Las Vegas. After all, Las Vegas isn’t all cocktails and burgers.

For more information, you may visit the event’s official website.

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Real live fitness

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5 Day Yoga Challenge

Here’s another fun fitness challenge for you.  It’s brought to you by Brett Larkin Yoga.  She has a YouTube channel of free videos for every level of yoga fitness.  I’ve put together a challenge made of videos only for beginners.  So if you have never tried yoga, or you haven’t done yoga for a long time, this is a great way to get into it, or get back into it.  I use the beginner morning yoga to get the kinks out when I sleep in a hotel bed, or after an intense workout.  Try this 5 day challenge and if you like these yoga videos, click here to get Brett’s beginner yoga guide and join her beginner’s live event on March 30th.  Namaste!

Day 1 How to Down Dog for Beginners (7:27)

Plus Sun Salutation for Beginners (4:32)

Day 2 Beginner Morning Yoga (16:38)

Day 3 Beginner Bedtime Yoga (10:00)

Day 4 Power Yoga for Beginners (15:00)

Day 5 Complete Beginner Yoga Class (60:00)

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Try The Beginner’s Fitness Challenge

Spring has arrived early in Central PA!  I’m so glad that we have a had a mild Winter after the  last two years of some pretty brutal snow and cold. Once the warm weather gets here, we all start thinking about getting in better shape for the shorts, tank tops and swimming suits.

There’s no better way to stay motivated to work out than to take part in a fitness challenge.  Here’s a really good  one I found on the Fit Women of God website.  It’s been their most popular post and has gone viral on Pinterest. I like it because it uses a variety of exercises. It starts out with a few reps and increases the amount gradually over time.  It includes two rest days every week. It has all the components of a good workout. This is a great challenge for you and a friend to begin for Spring. You can even start your own Facebook fitness challenge group and use this challenge for your workout.  Have fun!

New Beginner's Challenge

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10,000 Step Challenge

Spring is beginning to spring! I am so glad. I am not a big fan of Winter. Not sure why I continue to live in the Northeast. I know once I can live the life of a snowbird, I am sure going to try!

With the coming of Spring comes the urge stop hibernating and get outside to walk and work out. I found a great fitness challenge on myfitnesspal by Leslie Sansone  for beginners who want to walk 10,000 steps a day. It follows the principal of the Couch to 5K program to get you stepping a little more each day until you are doing 10,000 every day. There’s one for complete beginners, and one for people who have been walking, but aren’t quite up to 10,000 steps a day…yet.

Both challenges are displayed below. Grab your walking shoes and a walking partner. Hit the road or the park and get moving. Enjoy the great outdoors and the Spring weather!

Walking plan for beginners
Walking plan for beginners


Let me know in the comments below how you like this challenge. Share this post with your friends and family if you think they would enjoy working up to 10,000 steps a day

-all infographics created by Tierra Wilson

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Flat Ab Challenge

Everyone wants flat, sexy abs right? The trick is knowing how to get them! Try this challenge put together with information and graphics from fix.com.

Ab Exercises
Source: Fix.com

  1. Pick two of the “flat ab exercises” from the graphic above (example: bicycle maneuver and dolphin plank on a ball)
  2. Do ten reps of each (moving slowly with good form)
  3. Repeat 3-5 rounds
  4. Pick two new “flat ab exercises” each day
  5. Do three times per week.  You can increase gradually to 5 times per week

Food Choices for Flat Belly
Source: Fix.com

In addition to a healthy diet. Work the foods from the “flat belly food pyramid” into your daily eating plans. These foods will help decrease bloat and decrease calories.  Stick with this challenge for 30 days and you will see your sexy abs emerging!  Grab a friend, try the challenge!  Share this post with your tribe!

Fitness Accountability Partner


Day 3 of “30 Days to a Healthier YOU” challenge. It’s so much easier to stay committed to changing your habits if you have an accountability partner.  How to pick one?  Take a look at the video for some tips on finding yourself a good one.  My hubby, Bob, is mine. Watch the video to hear our story.

Have you tried out Periscope yet? It’s so cool to watch a video someone is sending out live. I can think of a million uses for it.  Download the Periscope app and  find some people with similar interests to follow.  You can follow me at @Adair62  Can’t tune in live? You can watch the replay for 24 hours or check out Katch.me Some scopers are housing their videos there.  You can watch them anytime.



Free healthy recipes

Fitness Challenge 30 Days to a Healthier YOU Day 2


Day 2-Set a SMART goal.  Sorry this a a day late.  I’m not a super techie so I had quite a time uploading this video to Youtube for some reason.  But I did it!  It’s taken all evening, but I have been successful.  And so now, if you are a fitness newbie and you have decided it’s time to get healthy and take the steps you need to do it, you have landed in the right place.  Day 1 we found our motivation and today it’s time to set at least one goal for your 30 days, but you have to do it the SMART way! Let’s get crackilackin.

Free healthy recipes


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