Rails to Trails Ride in Poe Paddy State Park

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My hubby and I have been spending a lot of time riding our hybrid bikes since we purchased them for each other for Christmas. We are exploring places we’ve never even heard of before. Did you know there is a Rails to Trails in Poe Paddy State Park? This is a place where I picnicked and camped as a child. Many years ago, there was a railroad that hauled lumber out of this wooded area. A whole lumbering community of about 400 grew up around this railroad.

This is a short Rails to Trails of a little over 3 miles. It’s a little hard to find, but it’s worth the drive and the search. It’s kind of a hidden gem if you like hiking or recreational biking.

Poe Paddy is a small state park in Centre County. It’s a primitive campsite for tents and small campers. Park in the Big Poe parking lot and walk or bike up through the camping area. You’ll need to ride on the camp road for about a half a mile. You’ll then take a hard right onto the actual trail.

The trail is gravel and packed earth. It’s not as smooth as some of the larger trails we have biked on, but it’ truly a path through the Pennsylvania mountains. Pens Creek, where some of the best fly fishing in the country happens in the Spring, meanders below the trail.

A special feature on this trail is the tunnel that was blasted right through the mountain. It has had extensive work done to it. The last time my husband had seen it, it was falling down and caved in. We met a man who was camping nearby who told us the renovation was a two million dollar operation. If you ride the trail, make sure you bring some kind of flashlight. The tunnel is not lighted and even though it’s short, it gets pretty dark in there! Also make sure you talk or sing while inside it. The acoustics are great!

The trail would be just the right length for a hike. Since it was a pretty short bike ride, we explored a little bit and found another short trail where we rode until we got to a washed out bridged over Penns Creek. We also rode through the campsites to take a look around.

To round out the day, we drove the four miles to Poe Valley State Park, This is a bigger state park complete with a bathhouse, lake, picnic and camping areas as well as a concession stand. We took a short walk to the breast of the dam and had lunch at the concession stand, then headed home. It was a great day to get out into the woods, explore a new Rails to Trails (for us) and get a little fresh air and exercise.

If you go..
Take some sort of flash light
Use some bug spray
Take pictures
Talk and sing in the tunnel

Fitness and Travel: Las Vegas Health Expo!


Las Vegas’ very own marathon and health expo


Are you looking to combine a fitness challenge with a fun trip?  If so, then read on. Guest blogger, Olivia Wood, helps you learn more about the Health and Fitness Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada coming up in November.

Las Vegas doesn’t cut corners when it comes to providing the ultimate entertainment to people. It may be known for its noisy and flashy casino halls but now, it’s also becoming the go-to place for health buffs to challenge themselves. On November 11 – 13, 2016, runners and fitness enthusiasts will be happy to know that Sin City will be holding a 3-day Health and Fitness Expo that includes a Marathon, which will see participants using part of the Strip as their circuit. This event is great for people who are looking for health products, tips, and services that can aid them in losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

The Health and Fitness Expo will be featuring leaders in the fitness industry speaking at the event. Some of the notable speakers include Michael Ryan, CEO of Fitness STAR International, and Adriel Borhesi, Operations Manager/personal Trainer at Dumbbells Too.

Those who wish to participate in the marathon will need to visit the Health & Fitness expo in order to get their race packs, which include a t-shirt, gear bag, and race number. During the race, runners will get the chance to see the Strip at night, passing by some of the most iconic establishments such as the Wynn Casino, Caesar’s Palace, and Mandalay Bay Casino. Participants don’t need to be experienced long distance runners as there’s also a half marathon for beginners. For experienced marathon runners, the full version usually takes around 5 hours to complete. Around 20,000 runners participate in the event every year so if you’re interested in participating, register as early as now. Slots are limited and people sign up to the event every day, so make sure you secure your place now.

There have been a lot of fitness expos in Las Vegas currently, alongside popular annual events such as comic cons and tech shows. Las Vegas is trying to bolster its annual events schedule due to the fact that its casino services are slowly becoming redundant thanks to the advancements in online play. Today, people don’t need to go to Las Vegas just to play in the city’s huge bingo halls or gaming floors as people can simply do so in the comfort of their own home and enjoy cash rebates and multiple variants of TV and movie-themed bingo titles. Slots and table games can also be played on smartphones, complete with live dealers for blackjack and poker. Since Las Vegas cannot compete with the comfort that online casino gaming provides, Sin City casinos are constantly looking for alternative ways to generate revenue, and in this case, the Las Vegas Marathon and Health Expo is one of the ways that the city considered to counter the ongoing trend of online gaming.

Such an events as this, helps bring in a new demographic to Las Vegas every year, and introduce them to the wonders of Las Vegas. After all, Las Vegas isn’t all cocktails and burgers.

For more information, you may visit the event’s official website.

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Healthy Travel: Rails to Trails in Wellsboro, PA

When my hubby and I travel, we like to plan trips that will include fun fitness activities.  For our anniversary, we planned a trip to Wellsboro, PA. We wanted to bike ride the Rails to Trails that runs through the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

Step 1 Book a place to stay.  I looked at a few bed and breakfast places, but they were booked for the weekend that we wanted to go.  Next, I searched for hotels and found the Penn-Wells Hotel.  It is right downtown,  It has been an operating hotel since the early 1800s.  It looked like it had some old fashioned charm and history.  We were able to get a 3 room suite for under $130 a night, thanks to my AARP discount.  If you are not comfy unless everything is modern, this would not be the place for you. The Pennwells Lodge is right down the block though and it is a totally updated hotel.

Step 2 Rent bikes for our ride.  We reserved two mountain bikes through Pine Creek Outfitters. They offered a package where you started at 1 p.m. from their location and they would pick you up 19 miles down the trail in a town called Blackwell at 5 p.m. The bikes and pick-up cost $35 per person.  I would call that price NICE!

Step 3 Meals.  We arrived Friday night and found the hotel full of high school homecoming alumni.  The lounge was full, so we headed across the street to Timeless Destination.  This was a great place to relax and unwind from our week and look forward to our ride.  The food was great and Curtis, our waiter was entertaining! We found out when we checked in that breakfast on Saturday morning and brunch Sunday morning was included with the price of the hotel.  Sweet! Both meals were very good.  We made reservations for dinner at our hotel for Saturday night.  This turned out to be an Oktoberfest buffet.  It was equally delicious and we tried a lot of food we had never had before. I’ll tell the rest of the story in pictures:

The restaurant we enjoyed Friday night.


The Penn Wells Hotel: 19th century charm.


Starting our ride in the PA Grand Canyon.


Starting up the Turkey Path


View on the way up…


View at the top!


Lunch on the trail, courtesy of Subway. It snowed while we were here (only a little).


Riding on the railroad bridge.


Last stop in Blackwell. We got hot chocolate while we waited for Pine Creek Outfitters to pick us up. 22 miles today!


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