ChaLean Extreme    This is the best strength training workout there is especially for women.  If you are over 40 this is a perfect way to get your metabolism back up to speed.  A revved up metabolism means weight loss and results you will love.  I’ve done 3 rounds of CHXTR and I am working on my fourth.  Love it!


 Zumba Exhilarate   I got this one for Christmas and I do Zumba on cardio days between my weightlifting days.  It doesn’t feel like a workout because you are so busy trying to get the dance steps right.  When you’re done, you’re drenched in sweat and you feel great.  You will catch yourself saying, “Is it over already?”  If you love to dance, this is definitely a workout for you 🙂

P90X  This is the workout that helped me get into REALLY good shape.  It was tough, especially the first three days, but the results were AWESOME.  I did two rounds, then I switched to ChaLean Extreme.


Shawn T’s Rockin’ Body  This is my most recent workout purchase.  I like it for the same reason I like Zumba.  It doesn’t feel like a workout and you really work up a sweat.  Plus Shawn T is an absolute hoot in these 5 videos.  The best part?  The price..about $20.00.


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