Fitness Challenge Ideas: Fall Schedule of Events

“Fantastically Fit Friends”, my private Facebook fitness group has been taking a little break over the summer. We still had things to motivate us like Fantastically Fit Franklin and Warrior but we took some time off from competitions.

It’s time to get started again so I decided I should plan a schedule for fall, winter and sping to help my members plan ahead. Here’s what’s in store for the upcoming year. Currently we are doing a ten day “drink your height in water” challenge. Each day, members who are doing the challenge check in with the group and let us know whether they hit their goal or not. Members can earn bonus points in this challenge to apply to the team challenge starting on September 15th.

On 9/15 we will have a two team points challenge. Members earn points for the type and intensity of workouts they do each day. We tabulate according to a spreadsheet that assigns a point value to different kinds of exercises. We compete for 30 days and the winning team has bragging rights until the next team challenge.

Winners of Fitness Challenge

After team challenge #1 we will do an ab challenge.  I haven’t worked out the details on that one yet. I am thinking of making a youtube video with different types of ab exercises on it. Then each time a member wants to get on facebook, they will have to choose one of these exercises and do at least 25 before they can log on.

Another team challenge will be on the schedule prior to the holidays. We will take a short break during the Christmas season, then do two more short challenges before we head out for a coast to coast Stupendous Chase.  We did one of these last year on the East coast and we had a lot of fun with it. (If you want to take a look at some of the things we did, take a look at my Stupendous Chase Pinterest board.) That should keep us busy, motivated and working out for the year. Have you done some fitness challenges with your friends to keep everyone motivated? Please share them. I’m always looking for fresh ideas. Thanks!

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