Get Consistent Challenge

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Here’s everything you need to run your own 4 week “Get Consistent Challenge”.  This challenge is designed to motivate you and your friends to include cardio, resistance and flexibility training in your workouts every week.

Step 1.  Read the directions on how to run the challenge.  They are simple

Get Consistent Challenge directions

Step 2. Print out the “Get Consistent Challenge Captain’s Point Sheet” one for each team.  If your captains don’t live near you don’t worry, just send them the link to this page. It’s up at the top.  Just highlight, copy and paste into an e-mail.

Get Consistent Challenge Captain

Step 3. Print out the “Get Consistent Challenge Individual Point Sheet” Each team member will need 4.  If your team members are spread out across the country, no worries!  Just send them the link to this page. Everything they will need is right here.

Get Consistent Challenge individual Point Sheet

Oh and keep an eye on your inbox.  There will be more fitness tips coming your way from Sue Kauffman Fitness.  Thanks again!