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My Story

My Mom and Dad waited for 4 years to have me.  When I finally arrived, my Mom wanted to spend every minute with me.  She didn’t want to share me.  I didn’t have play dates or time with many other kids.  When it came time for me to go to school, I didn’t know how to relate to the other kids.  I was so shy I hardly spoke.  I was also sick a lot with sore throats and pneumonia.  I was at school so infrequently that the other kids didn’t know who I was!

I continued to be that shy kid that stood along the wall during recess through elementary school.  It was lonely, but I didn’t know how to make a friend.  When I went to Jr. high school I tried to get involved in activities like drama club, choir and student government.  I enjoyed these things, but I was still the girl on the fringes during meetings and performances.

Then in 9th grade, something amazing happened.  I tried out for field hockey and guess what?  I was good at it!  Physical activity and working with other girls in a team environment brought me right out of that shell I had been in for years.  Being physically fit gave me the confidence to talk to others, work with others and to eventually become a team leader.

This lead to my career choice of becoming a Physical Educator.  I wanted to give back to others by becoming a teacher and coach who could help other kids like me reach their potential.  When I came out of college, PE jobs were few and far between so I worked for many rewarding years in adult education.  Finally in 1999 a job opening in high school Health and Phys. Ed. became available. There was a catch though.  To get the job I needed to coach cheerleading.  Now I knew nothing about cheerleading, but how hard could it be?  Oh boy! Cheeleading was many hours of supervising and paperwork.  When this was added to the hours I needed to plan lessons and grade papers, I very quickly became overwhelmed.

At this point I made a very crucial and destructive decision.  I had always exercised regularly and tried to eat healthy food, but now I had no time to eat well or exercise so I quit doing both.  It only took a matter of weeks until I was having trouble sleeping, my thoughts would race, I couldn’t concentrate and I became anxious and depressed.  One day I woke up and could not drag myself out of bed for work.  I wanted to quit the job I had always dreamed about, crawl back in my shell and quit trying.

Luckily for me, my hubby got me to a good therapist and with some help from therapy and anti-depressants, I got back on track.  My therapist said when I quit exercising and started to eat junk, it was all the trigger I needed during my stressful situation to start this nasty downward spiral.

Its nine years later and I am a successful educator and soccer coach.  I am giving back by teaching and coaching young kids and helping them blossom just like I always dreamed.  At this point I am 46 years old.  I am noticing some changes in my body.  The same exercise and diet aren’t quite cutting it anymore.  I am losing muscle and gaining some weight, but I think this is just the price you pay for aging.  Again hubby comes to the rescue.  He hears from a friend about a new workout program called P90X.  He wants to try it so I decide to be supportive of him and join him in his workouts.  I had been exercising regularly at Curves, but the first three days almost permantly kick my butt.  I tell myself that I will give it a few more days and if I don’t feel better, I’m done.

Then I start to see and feel muscles I never knew I had before.  I start to be able to do more and more during each workout.  I have lots more energy.  I start to look way better in my clothes.  I follow the eating plan as closely as I can.  By the end of 90 days I have totally transformed my body and I am hooked!

Now I have become a Personal Trainer for the same reasons I became a Physical Educator.  I want to share with YOU the incredible way I feel at the age of 54.  I take no medication at all.  I am happy, energetic and I feel like I’m in my 20’s! Resistance and cardio exercise programs and good nutrition are keeping me much healthier than I ever dreamed I could feel at this stage in my life.  If you would like to join me and start your own “history”, take the next step and contact me!



14 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. Such a wonderful story! These are the ones that inspire me to keep looking for others who need our help to transform their own lives! Thanks for sharing!

  2. great story! and you look like you are in your 20s! i was shy also as a kid but for different reasons! and its true that its harder to keep fit when we hit our 40s! Im glad you found P90X thanks to your husband!! YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!

  3. Wow, it has been quite a while since I enjoyed a post like this THAT much! Thanks. You got me excited and I just want to add in points. I think weight loss only goes down to two things – eat well and exercise right. But I do think that fasting does help too. Just don’t go overboard and things should be fine.

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