How to Start A Fitness Support Group on Facebook

Here’s a tip from your online fitness coach:  It’s always easier to stay with your fitness routine if you have likeminded friends to support you and keep you motivated.  Did you know you could use Facebook to make your own private fitness group?  It’s a great place to bring in your friends, set some goals, track your workouts and be creative to keep each other motivated.  Here’s how to set it up.

Step 1  Go to your “home” tab in Facebook and click on the “Create Group” tab in the left sidebar.











Step 2   Now create your group. Give it a name and invite your fitness minded friends.  Then make sure you make it a secret group!  That way whatever you post is only seen by the people in your group and no one else.  Posts will appear in their timeline, but no one else will see them.  Genius.












Step 3 Click the “Create” button and you are ready to get started.  In my next post, I will give you some ideas on events you can start within your group to increase motivation and keep people exercising.

Author: Sue Kauffman

Health and PE teacher in Central PA. Exercise, fitness and nutrition junkie. Married, two teen girls (pulling out hair daily). Love to ballroom dance. Beachbody customer and coach. e-mail me at

9 thoughts on “How to Start A Fitness Support Group on Facebook”

  1. Hi. Thanks for this site.
    I’ve just started a Facebook Fitness support group but I made it a Closed group as opposed to a Secret Group.
    Which one is better and easily accessible? How do I change from Closed to Secret? Will I have to re-invite members?
    Also, is there a Facebook way that each member can track their weight on Facebook that really motivates?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Lois,
      Thanks for stopping by! My group is secret and I like them for fitness because you have total control over who you invite. Closed groups allow anyone to join and you approve them (or not). I think you can change from closed to secret by going into group settings. It’s been awhile since I created a group so that may have changed. In my group, ppl would post their steps or points and I would post a recap each week to show who was ahead in our challenges. You may be able to do something similar with weight. I was surfing on today and found that they allow you to create groups within the site that does just that. You might want to check that out too. Hope this helps!

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