Online Fitness Coaching: Himalayan Salt Caves

Have you ever heard of a Himalayan Salt Cave? This is the ultimate
stress relief. Our local Curves just added one. I have visited it twice and love, love, love it! For $15 you can have 45 minutes of great relaxation. While you are relaxing, you are breathing in 84 different minerals and trace elements. These promote health by helping to reduce inflammation in the body. Lots of different ailments can be positively affected. The salt cave can help allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, skin ailments and more. I could feel and hear (weird) my sinuses opening up a few minutes after I went into the salt cave.

My absolute favorite things about the salt cave is the total relaxation you get for the 45 minutes you are there. When you enter you sit in a recliner under softly lit lanterns and twinkling lights that resemble stars. You take about eight to ten deep breaths to get the minerals flowing through your system. Relaxing music begins to play and in just a few minutes I am transported somewhere else…some people fall asleep, but I feel like I get into more of a meditative state and I love it. When the lights come up, I feel totally relaxed and refreshed. If you get a chance, find a salt cave near you and give it a try!
If you have had a salt cave experience, share it in the comments.

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