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Ever do the Deck of Cards Workout? Each suit represents a different type of exercise (hearts are jumping jacks, spades are burpees etc.). Each card stands for a certain number of reps. My hubby tried this the old school way (real deck of cards) with his group training class.  Being the techie that he is, he googled “deck of cards workout” and found the Rip Deck Workout App.


This app gives you four levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced and custom). Once you set up your workout, you just tap the screen to flip your cards.  It gives you the suit, what exercise you should do, and the number of reps to complete. All you need to do is follow the directions. Simple! The workout takes about 30 minutes.  You can do it literally anywhere and you don’t need any equipment at all.

It times you on each exercise and gives you a breakdown of how many reps you completed and how long it took to do each card. It has a social component too.  You can e-mail your results to a friend and challenge them to beat your score.  You can also post your results on facebook or twitter.

The cost of this app is only 99 cents.  If you use it and get in great shape, it will be well worth the investment! If you have used Rip Deck, let me know what you think about it.

Author: Sue Kauffman

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6 thoughts on “Fitness: Rip Deck Workout App”

  1. I have been using it for about two weeks now and really enjoy it. I typically do it after a 3 mile run and some pull-ups.

    The exercises are broken down that it is intense enough, but not too over bearing.

    This is one of the fitness aps that is actually worth the money and it is fun. I like that the work out is never the same.

    1. I like to use it if I am travelling and can’t do my ordinary workouts. My hubby uses Rip Deck on a regular basis and really likes it too. He creates his own workouts by inputting his own exercises. He uses weights, TRX and all kinds of fun stuff! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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