Staying Fit on Vacation-Bike Ride to Fenwick Island

Sunday in South Bethany Beach and today is my rest day. Instead of a workout under the beach house, hubby Bob and I wanted to explore on our bikes. We headed to Fenwick Island to see the lighthouse. It was about a four and a half mile ride from our beach house. The guy we rented our bikes from told us bikes are the way to go in this area and he is right. It’s so much fun to take off and ride around finding new places and things. Highway 1 has a bike path for miles.

We rode into the town of Fenwick Island. It is a quaint little seaside town. We decided we would like to come back in September and stay there for a weekend. The lighthouse was neat to see and a pretty cool photo op.
That’s me with the bikes in front of the lighthouse.

¬†With the help of the “around me” app and google maps, we found Lizzie’s Bistro. It was a very sweet little place to eat. We each had an omelette with some homemade rye toast. The owner even came out and talked to us about his place. That’s hubby Bob posing in the dining room.

On the ride back, we stopped to get some info on the eco-tours at Coastal Kayak. That’s a new fitness adventure for us on Tuesday. Stay tuned! #TravelFit2014

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