Love My Foam Roller!










It’s not often that you find a fitness product for only $24.00 that you love so much, but that is how I feel about my foam roller.  The foam roller was designed to help you stretch out your fascia.  That’s the connective tissue that encases your muscles.  It can become tight and knotted up from everyday wear and tear. Exercise can make it sore too.  Foam rollers are like having a chiropracter in your house whenever you need him (or her).  Basically, you use the foam roller to knead out the kinks in your body the way a rolling pin rolls and stretches dough.

Here’s a video of the five top foam roller exercises done by Alex Poole.  This short video will help get you started.  Enjoy his lovely English Accent.  In the meantime, I will pull together my fav foam roller exercises to share with you.  Where to get a foam roller?  I got mine at Do you have a favorite foam roller exercise?  Please share it in the comments.  I would love to try a few new ones myself.