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Are you looking for some motivation to get moving? Do you wish you had more money to donate to your favorite charity? Wish no more! Download the Charity Miles app.

I discovered this app from getting one of those articles in your Facebook timeline that the algorithm thinks you might be interested in. It was an article on different ways to get motivated to exercise. I do a lot of walking and now biking since Awesome Hubby and I got each other good bicycles for Christmas. I thought it would be a good way to give back while I stay in shape.

The good stuff: This app is free. It is sponsored by Johnson and Johnson and they donate the money. You designate the charity from a list of many and do the walking, running or biking. Each time you get moving you can pick a different charity. It’s easy to get signed up and get started. All you need to do is have your phone with you while you are working out. You and your friends can also form a group on the app and keep each other motivated.

The “eh” stuff: If you want to keep track of your miles, steps etc. for the sake of your fitness tracker, don’t use this. You’re going to need a back-up. It does not sinc with Fitbit, Apple Watch etc. I found the GPS tracker to be pretty accurate, but if you use it in pedometer mode it’s not so hot. To use the GPS it needs to be set to “always” in your phone settings. That can be a huge suck on your battery and data. I switch it to “always” only if I’m taking a bike ride or walking outdoors. I don’t use it in my everyday walking at work because I don’t want to wear or carry my phone all day long. If it would sinc with my Fitbit, I would earn my charity a lot more money. Maybe someday in the not so far off future, they will update so you can sinc with your fav fitness tracker. Hope so! It will show you how much money the your charity has made in total, but the app no longer shows how much money your personal run, walk or bike has contributed. I would be even more motivated if I could see that each time.

The bottom line is, I figure since I’m out there busting my butt anyway, someone else can benefit from my effort!

Here’s the easy steps to get started:

1. Download the app
2. Do the user name and password thing
3. Make yourself a profile

4. Pick your charity (you can pick a different on each time your work out).

5. PIck your activity

6. Enable your GPS or the pedometer (If you choose “no, not right now” you get the pedometer option.

Your all set to get started raising money for your charity!

Healthy Travel: Rails to Trails in Wellsboro, PA

When my hubby and I travel, we like to plan trips that will include fun fitness activities.  For our anniversary, we planned a trip to Wellsboro, PA. We wanted to bike ride the Rails to Trails that runs through the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

Step 1 Book a place to stay.  I looked at a few bed and breakfast places, but they were booked for the weekend that we wanted to go.  Next, I searched for hotels and found the Penn-Wells Hotel.  It is right downtown,  It has been an operating hotel since the early 1800s.  It looked like it had some old fashioned charm and history.  We were able to get a 3 room suite for under $130 a night, thanks to my AARP discount.  If you are not comfy unless everything is modern, this would not be the place for you. The Pennwells Lodge is right down the block though and it is a totally updated hotel.

Step 2 Rent bikes for our ride.  We reserved two mountain bikes through Pine Creek Outfitters. They offered a package where you started at 1 p.m. from their location and they would pick you up 19 miles down the trail in a town called Blackwell at 5 p.m. The bikes and pick-up cost $35 per person.  I would call that price NICE!

Step 3 Meals.  We arrived Friday night and found the hotel full of high school homecoming alumni.  The lounge was full, so we headed across the street to Timeless Destination.  This was a great place to relax and unwind from our week and look forward to our ride.  The food was great and Curtis, our waiter was entertaining! We found out when we checked in that breakfast on Saturday morning and brunch Sunday morning was included with the price of the hotel.  Sweet! Both meals were very good.  We made reservations for dinner at our hotel for Saturday night.  This turned out to be an Oktoberfest buffet.  It was equally delicious and we tried a lot of food we had never had before. I’ll tell the rest of the story in pictures:

The restaurant we enjoyed Friday night.


The Penn Wells Hotel: 19th century charm.


Starting our ride in the PA Grand Canyon.


Starting up the Turkey Path


View on the way up…


View at the top!


Lunch on the trail, courtesy of Subway. It snowed while we were here (only a little).


Riding on the railroad bridge.


Last stop in Blackwell. We got hot chocolate while we waited for Pine Creek Outfitters to pick us up. 22 miles today!


If you think you would like a trip like this and have any questions, leave a comment below!