Fitness Challenge Idea: Charity Challenge



With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I was thinking about ways to keep my fitness group motivated during holiday parties and family get-togethers.  At this time of year, I also think about giving a little extra to those charities that are important to me.  This year, I think I have found a way to blend the two together.

I’m calling it the Charity Challenge.  This would be something easy for you to do with any group you might be working with.  Here’s how it works.  We’ll be using the Fitness Challenge Point Tracker we have used in the past to assign points to the workouts we do.  For every 100 points each of us earn, we have pledged to donate one dollar to the charity of our choice.  I am playing for World Vision.  Some of the other Charities that members have chosen are The American Cancer Society, Cradle for Christianity, and Donna’s Good Things.  Some of us have also set point goals to keep us motivated.  We are going to compete in teams, even though we are donating individually.  That will give us some bragging rights at the end of the challenge!

It’s been fun to post our charities on our private Facebook Fitness group.  I’m sure it will be fun to watch the dollars accumulate too.

You could use this idea to do lots of different things.  How about donating a can of food for every 100 points? You could donate mittens or hats to decorate a giving tree.  The possibilities could be endless.  What are your ideas on how to create a Charity Fitness Challenge?