Online Fitness Coaching: My First Live Zumba Class

If you have not tried a Zumba class yet, it’s time to get your booty shakin’ to a live class near you. This is some of the most fun you can have while exercising.  I am fairly new to Zumba. I got the DVD “Exhilarate” this past Christmas and started doing a ChaLean Extreme/Zumba hybrid for my home workout.

The “Learn” DVD is like gold in my book because it teaches all the basic Latin dance steps in a very easy to follow format. After I had those mastered, I worked my way through the “Activate”, “Rush”, and “Exhilarate” DVDs. Each is a different length and intensity level. The music is great in all three and the instructors are easy to follow.

Armed with a free Zumba class I headed to Karina Nunez’s studio to “join the party”!  I pulled into the parking lot with my take-out from McDonald’s (really busy week, ok) I hoped none of the other class members saw me chowing down on snack wraps. I went in and introduced myself to Karina. I saw Steph, another mom I knew from our daughters’ preschool days. I started to feel more comfortable.  When the music started it was GREAT and loud which was super motivating for me. Karina was a really enthusiastic instructor. I am sure I never look that happy when I’m exercising even though I feel that way on the inside. I found I knew all the steps from the DVDs so I could just concentrate on having fun.

After class I got a chance to talk to Karina. She is originally from Venezuela and moved to our small PA town with her husband and daughters. At first Karina bought the “Exhilarate” DVDs and worked out with them. She loved the rhythm of the music and soon she wanted to become an instructor. She found a training about an hour from home and became certified. She started teaching classes at the YMCA and later switched to a studio that could hold more students.

“What I love best about teaching Zumba is that our class has become like a family. We come from all different ages and stages in our lives and we have formed a real bond,” Karina said. “That’s the kind of thing Zumba can do for people.”