Bored With Your Current Workout?

I get happens.  I find a really great workout and I really get into it, but eventually I get bored, so I always have my eye out for new and different things to do when it comes to fitness.  I think the latest thing I ran across was supposed to be sort of a joke.  I think it’s a guy who just wanted to get a lot of hits on YouTube. Turns out it is a lot of fun and a great way to get a workout.  It’s called dancewalking.  Take a look at this video and then give it a try.


I have dancewalked twice on a trail near my house.  It’s a little embarrassing dancing around by yourself to music no one else can hear.  I waited until I was on the more wooded part of the trail where no one could see me until I got really funky.

The other thing I would like to try soon is PiYo.  There is a class available near me at TAZ fitness.  I am going to get myself there to try it. If I like it, I am going to get the new ChaLean Johnson PiYo program.

So how about you? What new workout program have you tried that might keep me from getting bored? Send me some ideas.  If I try them, I’ll give you a shout out and link to your blog.