Nutrition Tools: E

Changes and transitions; we are going through a lot of those at my house lately.  My oldest daughter finished college and she’s working full time and living in Pittsburgh.  She’s planning a Fall 2014 wedding and we are currently making plans for that happy occasion.

Marla tries on wedding dresses.

My youngest daughter is heading to college in a few week.  My house is tossed up. Things for a dorm room are being stored in the basement.  Marla’s room is in transition to a guest room.

New guest room

Soon I will be heading back to my full time job teaching middle school P.E. I hope to also be working toward starting to see a few clients as a Certified Personal Trainer.  With all theses transitions happening, it could be easy to get sidetracked in regards to healthy eating.

Lucky for us, we started subscribing to e-diets a few months ago.  E diets is an affordable (we had a Groupon so it only ended up costing about $30.00 for the year) subscription, sending you healthy menus, ingredient lists and recipes.  You can choose from several diet types.  We chose “clean eating” but there are other options, like Paleo, vegetarian and Mediterranian. E diets sends you a PDF menu each week. For each day of the week you receive a recipe for one meal (entree and side) plus a grocery list of items you will need to buy.  We usually make one or two of these meals each week.  Some of them are pretty labor intensive, but some are really easy. I haven’t found one yet that hasn’t been delicious.

If you try e diets, let me know how it goes for you.  It certainly is helping us to make our life transitions.