Flat Ab Challenge

Everyone wants flat, sexy abs right? The trick is knowing how to get them! Try this challenge put together with information and graphics from fix.com.

Ab Exercises
Source: Fix.com

  1. Pick two of the “flat ab exercises” from the graphic above (example: bicycle maneuver and dolphin plank on a ball)
  2. Do ten reps of each (moving slowly with good form)
  3. Repeat 3-5 rounds
  4. Pick two new “flat ab exercises” each day
  5. Do three times per week.  You can increase gradually to 5 times per week

Food Choices for Flat Belly
Source: Fix.com

In addition to a healthy diet. Work the foods from the “flat belly food pyramid” into your daily eating plans. These foods will help decrease bloat and decrease calories.  Stick with this challenge for 30 days and you will see your sexy abs emerging!  Grab a friend, try the challenge!  Share this post with your tribe!

Low Back Pain? 80% of Us Have Been There


Have you ever suffered from low back pain?  You are not alone.  Approximately 80% of Americans have suffered from it at one time in their lives.  It’s the most common type of pain reported by patients seeking treatment for pain. It’s the number one reason for lost work time, with upper respiratory infections coming in a distant second place.  Medical costs for lower back pain treatment is estimated to be 96 million per year.

The good news is most back pain is not serious, even though it is painful.  A lot of lower back pain can be attributed to a lack of exercise. The combination of tight hamstrings and weak abdominal muscles can lead to back pain.  Here’s a simple test you can do to see if your back pain is caused by this combination:


If your back pain is caused by tight hamstrings and weak abs, there is even better news.  This type of back pain can be alleviated with very simple exercises.  A daily routine of stretching and strengthening exercises can make you  feel much, much better.  Check out these exercises to get your started.


Check back for more exercises to keep your back feeling good.  More coming soon….

Modified Workout for A Heel Spur

I have been nursing a heel spur since last Spring.  I tried three weeks of anti-inflammatory meds, special exercises and ice but I was still in some pain. So yesterday, I had to get a cortisone shot.  I am a huge shot baby! When the doctor said I had to go on light duty exercises for two weeks, there was no way I was going to ignore that.  I don’t want to even think about a second shot. Yikes! Doctor’s orders were simple. Only biking for cardio and no heavy weight bearing exercise that would involve my feet. Ok, I can do that and still get a decent workout.  Here’s what I did today:

  • Warm Up-two minutes at light pace on the stationary bike, followed by stretching
  • Workout- 20 minutes of riding at a moderate pace, then a quick break followed by a bike Tabata (four minutes)
  • 10 Minutes of Extreme Abs from ChaLean Extreme

This was a good cardio/ab workout and it put no stress on my heel at all. Definitely going to avoid another shot in the foot. If you have had to modify your workouts because of foot or heel problems, give me some of your ideas (especially for weightlifing). I know I will get bored quickly if I don’t have some variety.