Food for Your Mood Obsersvations Days 1-8

Can how you eat really affect your mood?  From my mostly unscientific experiment on myself, it looks like it sure can!  My college roommates and a long weekend together helped me crash and burn in this department.  I had a great time, but boy was I a bear when I got home.  My poor family!


Food for Your Mood Experiment Day 8

Day 8 Results

AM Sleep:  7 hours  Mood: 8/10  Energy: 7/10  Exercise: P90X+ Abs/Core Plus and 10 Minute Trainer Cardio

Breakfast  1/2 protein bar 🙂  1 scoop Shakeology  🙂  2 Tbsp frozen strawberries 🙁  1/2 c almond milk 🙂 1/2 c water 🙂 1 c ice 🙂 1 tsp. peanut butter 🙂

Lunch  lean ground beef 🙂  mozzarella cheese 🙁  salsa 🙂  taco cheese 🙁 1 c plain yogurt 🙂 1 Tbsp honey 🙂  1 pkg Truvia 🙂

PM Mood: 9/10  Energy 6/10

Snack  whole wheat Tostidos 🙂

Supper  2 chicken thighs 🙂  bbq sauce 🙁  salad 🙂  low fat dressing 🙂  watermellon 🙂

Evening  Mood: 9/10  Energy 9/10 Energy dip: 3 p.m. Stress Factor:  Getting my daughter to Drs. appt. on time

Good Mood Food Percentage:  16/20 or 80%

Food for Your Mood Experiment Day 7

Day 7 Results

AM Mood: 5/10  Energy:  4/10  Exercise:  ChaLean Extreme  Burn Circuit 2

Breakfast  1/2 Power bar 🙂  1 Scoop Shakeology 🙂  1 Tbsp honey 🙂 1/5 banana 🙂  1 glass water 🙂

Snack  5 whole wheat Tostidos 🙂  salsa 🙂

Lunch  grilled chicken 🙂  lettuce 🙂  Tomato 🙂  cheddar cheese 🙂  salsa 🙂 ranch dressing 🙁  tea  🙂

Snack  Watermellon 🙂

PM Mood: 9/10 Energy 8/10

Supper  lean ground beef 🙂  Mozzarella cheese 🙁 pizza sauce 🙂 Cucumbers and tomatos 🙂 italian dressing 🙁 corn on the cob 🙂  butter 🙁 water 🙂

Snack Whole wheat sandwich thin 🙂 pepper jelly 🙁  cream cheese 🙁

Evening  Mood:  8/10  Energy:  9/10  Energy dip:  none  Stress Factor:  Daughter won’t call McDonald’s to get her hours she works this week

Good Mood Food Percentage: 20/26 or 76%

Food for Your Mood 15 Day Experiement

At the end of July, I did a lot of research for my “Food for Your Mood” post.  The research points to the fact that eating a healthier diet can improve your mood, alleviate depression and combat feeling like your butt is dragging all day.  So yesterday the lightbulb went off over my head.  Why not conduct a 15 day experiment on this fitness coach (me) and see if your mood is affected by what you eat?  Some days I do very well, some days not so much.  Let’s see if it makes a difference.  So through the magic of the internet and video, I will bring you the “Food for Your Mood” 15 day experiement starting tomorrow.  I will try to hold all other variables as constant as possible, but will include that in the report as well.  So get ready to watch your Ginea pig blog!