February Fitness Challenge


Note: These free tips are great and may be all you need. If you think you might like some more individualized help to live the healthy lifestyle, fill out this form and I will be in touch to help you get started!
Starting Monday, February 6, I will be running a new fitness challenge. To join, go to http://www.facebook.com/SueKauffmanFitness and like the page. Find a friend to join you and then you will have a workout buddy. Here’s how it will work:

1. We’ll be using the “Spell Your Name Workout” above each day.
2. Each morning, I will post a sentence or phrase to use as your workout. Do the exercises that are assigned to each letter in the sentence. Do a workout at least two times a week. You may do one every day if you want to! Start easy if you are an exercise beginner!
3. I will also post one word. You can use this to do a finisher if you have a current workout schedule you are following.
4. If you need to modify any exercises, go ahead! You can go to my YouTube channel to see modifications of many of these exercises.
5. Each time you work out, post on SueKauffmanFitness and let us all know how it went. Post a selfie after your workout (optional)
6. Post a picture of what you are having for your evening meal. You’ll be more likely to eat healthy if you know you have to show the world!

Special thanks to  robolikesifit.tumblr.com For the Spell Your Name  Workout.

Have fun and don’t forget to ask a friend to join you!

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10 Healthy Changes in 10 Weeks


Why do so many people fail at living the healthy lifestyle? So many people get disappointed and give up. It’s because people make drastic changes all at once that can’t be maintained.  They restrict calories to the point where they are miserable.  How long do you think that will last? A week tops! They start an extreme workout, get sore and quit within 5 days.  Then they feel like a failure and console themselves with food.  The unhealthy cycle continues. If this sounds like the merry-go-round you’ve been on, take heart!  There is an easier way and it can be achieved.  Gradual changes over time have more of a chance to become a healthy habit you will adopt as a lifestyle change. When it becomes as second nature as brushing your teeth, you will know it’s working.  Here are ten doable changes you can make in ten weeks.  Make a plan to start NOW and by Christmas, you will be excited about the new healthier you! Each week add on the new and continue the old.  Ask a friend to start this ten week challenge with you.  It’s even easier when you have an accountability partner! These suggestions are designed for total beginners.  Feel free to modify depending on your fitness level and your current style of eating.

Click this link to download an enhanced PDF of this info!


Week 1








Replace one sugary drink with an 8 ounce glass of water

Week 2

Walk for 10 minutes and add one minute to your walk each day until you get to 30 minutes. You’re starting this at week 2, but it will take longer than one week to get to 30 minutes.

Week 3

2011-10-14 17_08_40








Add one serving of raw, frozen or canned vegetables to your daily food.  Eliminate one sugary or salty snack.

Week 4

Add one serving of fresh fruit to your daily diet.  Eliminate one sugary or salty snack

Week 5

Plank for 15 seconds three times this week.

Week 6

Replace another sugary drink with another 8 ounce glass of water.  The goal here is to drink at least eight 8 oz glasses.  We’re added them gradually and cutting back the sugary drinks.

Week 7









Time for a treat! Replace your usual weekend dinner outing with an activity outing.  Hiking, biking, mall kayaking, swimming, golfing, a cool fitness class you would like to try.  Take your favorite friend who is up for trying something new.

Week 8

Switch your “white” carbs to whole grain carbs.  For example, swap out your white rice for brown rice and your white bread to 100% whole grain.

Week 9

online fitness coaching: Find time to work out and eat right








Work very  hard at getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night this week.

Week 10

Find a body weight workout that meets your fitness level and do it three times this week.  You can do this in place of the planking. Or if you’re feeling spunky, add it to the planking.

Congratulations! If you have followed this ten week plan, you are now doing cardio and resistance exercise, drinking the recommended amount of water for your health, getting more sleep and eating a healthier diet.  Keep it going by thinking up new challenges for the next 10 weeks.



5 Day Yoga Challenge

Here’s another fun fitness challenge for you.  It’s brought to you by Brett Larkin Yoga.  She has a YouTube channel of free videos for every level of yoga fitness.  I’ve put together a challenge made of videos only for beginners.  So if you have never tried yoga, or you haven’t done yoga for a long time, this is a great way to get into it, or get back into it.  I use the beginner morning yoga to get the kinks out when I sleep in a hotel bed, or after an intense workout.  Try this 5 day challenge and if you like these yoga videos, click here to get Brett’s beginner yoga guide and join her beginner’s live event on March 30th.  Namaste!

Day 1 How to Down Dog for Beginners (7:27)

Plus Sun Salutation for Beginners (4:32)

Day 2 Beginner Morning Yoga (16:38)

Day 3 Beginner Bedtime Yoga (10:00)

Day 4 Power Yoga for Beginners (15:00)

Day 5 Complete Beginner Yoga Class (60:00)

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Fitness Accountability Partner


Day 3 of “30 Days to a Healthier YOU” challenge. It’s so much easier to stay committed to changing your habits if you have an accountability partner.  How to pick one?  Take a look at the video for some tips on finding yourself a good one.  My hubby, Bob, is mine. Watch the video to hear our story.

Have you tried out Periscope yet? It’s so cool to watch a video someone is sending out live. I can think of a million uses for it.  Download the Periscope app and  find some people with similar interests to follow.  You can follow me at @Adair62  Can’t tune in live? You can watch the replay for 24 hours or check out Katch.me Some scopers are housing their videos there.  You can watch them anytime.



Free healthy recipes

30 Day Pinterest Fitness Challenge


Here’s a fitness challenge idea for all your pinners out there! Many Pinterest users pin workouts and recipes.  This is a way to use those boards with your family, friends or co-workers to stay motivated while you workout and eat healthy.  You will need:

At least 4 challenge participants. Anywhere from 6 to 30 would be ideal

1 person to act as moderator and start the 30 Day Pinterest Workout Challenge board(s).

1 to 4 of your favorite Pinterest workouts

1 to 4 of your favorite Pinterest healthy recipes

Private facebook page for your group

Make the boards you are using open boards and invite each of your participants to pin. I would suggest making one board for workouts and one for recipes.  You could call them “30 Day Challenge workouts” and “30 Day Challenge recipes”.  You may have ideas for other snazzy names.  Feel free to use those instead! Depending on how many participants you have, each person contributes a workout and a recipe for each day  of the challenge.  For example, if you have 30 participants, each person pins one recipe and one workout.  If you have 6 participants, each person pins 5 recipes and 5 workouts.  The recipe should be a healthy dinner.  Once you have all your recipes and workouts pinned, you can start the challenge.  You can do the same workouts and dinners together each day, or participants may choose which one they want to do each day. Right before the challenge begins, start a secret facebook group to post questions, comments or words of encouragement. Now just add your own sensible breakfast, lunch and snacks and you’ve got a great challenge with built in motivation!

Some tips:

Decide what level your workouts should be.  Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Set a definite start and end date.

Keep participants diet restrictions and preferences in mind.  That’s something you can talk about prior to the challenge in your secret board

To get your started, here are links to my workout board and healthy recipe board.

Please comment and let me know how your challenge is going or how it went!

Need a challenge group?  Comment and let me know below and we will start one!

Dinner for twoClick the picture to download


Fitness Challenge Idea: Charity Challenge



With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, I was thinking about ways to keep my fitness group motivated during holiday parties and family get-togethers.  At this time of year, I also think about giving a little extra to those charities that are important to me.  This year, I think I have found a way to blend the two together.

I’m calling it the Charity Challenge.  This would be something easy for you to do with any group you might be working with.  Here’s how it works.  We’ll be using the Fitness Challenge Point Tracker we have used in the past to assign points to the workouts we do.  For every 100 points each of us earn, we have pledged to donate one dollar to the charity of our choice.  I am playing for World Vision.  Some of the other Charities that members have chosen are The American Cancer Society, Cradle for Christianity, and Donna’s Good Things.  Some of us have also set point goals to keep us motivated.  We are going to compete in teams, even though we are donating individually.  That will give us some bragging rights at the end of the challenge!

It’s been fun to post our charities on our private Facebook Fitness group.  I’m sure it will be fun to watch the dollars accumulate too.

You could use this idea to do lots of different things.  How about donating a can of food for every 100 points? You could donate mittens or hats to decorate a giving tree.  The possibilities could be endless.  What are your ideas on how to create a Charity Fitness Challenge?




Take a Hike in Central PA

It’s finally summer after a brutal winter.  Everyone is ready to get outside.  If you have been treading on the treadmill or hiking up the stair climber all winter, you may be ready to get outside and put those muscles to use on a hike in the great Central PA outdoors.

Memorial Day weekend my friend Steph and her hubby took a hike in Ricketts Glen State Park. It was a beautiful weekend and she got some great pictures she shared with me.

Steph and hubby in Rickett's Glen
Steph and hubby in Rickett’s Glen

If you’re not sure where to hike or how to get started, check out PA Hikes. It has information on 28 different hiking trails, and a link to hiking clubs, maps books and trail guides.  The trails are divided out into backpacking trails and day hike trails.  Each trail has a narrative written by a hiker who has completed the trail.

If you decide to do more than a day hike, you will probably want to get in hiking shape. Here’s a four week workout plan to get ready to do a backpacking trip. You could even turn your pre-hike workout into a fitness challenge!  Click here to get point tracking sheets and directions to get started.


“Get Consistent” Fitness Challenge Keeps us Motivated

Two of the biggest things people say they struggle with when trying to exercise regularly is staying motivated and being consistent about working out. One thing I have found works well with my private facebook group is the “Get Consistent Challenge”  we came up with.

Flat Warrior_n

The folks in my group said it wasn’t hard for them  to get out for a walk or do some cardio, but they just couldn’t stay motivated to do the resistance training they should do.  They felt they were always slacking off when it came to flexibility exercise.  Even though they know these are both important, they just couldn’t stay motivated to stick with it.  Kevin, one group member, suggested giving double points if you did resistance or flexibility training during our challenges.  After discussing and tweaking, the “Get Consistent Challenge” was born.

Basically it works like this: You get one point for every minute you work out.  If you do at least 60 minutes of cardio, 60 minutes of resistance, and 30 minutes of flexibility, you can double your points for the week.  If you don’t have the numbers in each category, you can’t double. Participants are split into teams and compete for four weeks. The team with the most points at the end of the month wins  My group members say it really helps them stay motivated to get all the components of fitness into their workouts.


I’ve put together all the directions, information and point tracking sheets you will need to do your own “Get Consistent Fitness Challenge” with your friends, family or co-workers.  This will make it easy for you to get started. Just fill out the form below and you will have instant access.

Comment on this post and let me know how YOUR challenge goes!



Summer Fitness Challenge


If you have been wondering where I’ve been, I spent the summer doing some pretty serious studying for my ACE Certified Personal Trainer’s exam.  I started this whole process over a year ago and I am happy to report that yesterday I took my test and passed. I am now officially certified! I have got some more work to do before I am ready to take on clients, but I am on my way.  I was hoping Marla, my daughter, would post her Couch to 5K progress in my absence, but that didn’t happen.  Instead she got a membership to a gym and is busy losing weight and adding some muscle.

That’s not all I’ve been up to though. I tried a new activity this summer: kayaking.  I got to go on the intracoastal waterway in North Carolina and again on the Monogahela River in Pittsburgh, PA.  It’s a great upper body workout and a great way to see parts of the countryside in a whole new way.

The other cool thing I have been doing this summer is a challenge my school district started as part of their new wellness program called The Summer Bucket List Challenge.  It is a challenge that could be easily modified for any group.  All summer long we have been taking part in activities that will improve our physical, mental and social health.  They are things we can do on our own, with friends or with family. The challenge was to do as many activities on the “bucket list” as we could over the summer.  On August 19th prizes will be awarded to those who reached black, purple and silver levels of participation. I think I am going to modify this challenge and try it with my private facebook fitness group. I promise you will be hearing more from me now that my certification test is complete.  I’ll be back to giving you more fitness info more often!

Fitness Challenge Idea: Inspired by the Surgeon General






My facebook fitness group is gearing up for summer with a challenge inspired by the Surgeon General.  The SG’s recommendations for adult exercise calls for 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week OR 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week OR a combination of the two. Included in this time should be at least 3 cardio , at least two resistance and at least 1 flexibility workout each week.

We are keeping track of our workouts and posting them to our facebook group wall. I am keeping a running total of the minutes per week and the type of workouts per week.  If a group member meets the Surgeon General’s recommendation for the week, they win a badge.  I post the badge on the wall and list all the group names who won for the week. Our  first badge was the “Love Your Heart” badge.

Next I choose a winner’s name at random and they get to give us all a little mini challenge for the next week. It can be anything as long as it’s healthy!  This week’s mini challenge is to wear sunscreen when we are outside.  It’s a good one for me since I have been taking my PE classes outside.

My group also requested some help with what to do for flexibility.  I made them a 20 minute video of my favorite stretches and posted it to our wall.  Here it is so you can use it  if you like.


So far the group as a whole has been doing well.  Ten out of 16 members earned the first week’s badge, 14 out of 16 exercised 150 minutes or more, 15 out of 16 exercised 75 minutes or more.  Week one netted 57 cardio workouts, 34 resistance workouts and 20 flexibility workouts.

Would YOU like to try a fitness challenge with your group? Click here to get point tracking sheets and directions for the “Get Consistent Challenge”.