Fitness and Travel: Las Vegas Health Expo!


Las Vegas’ very own marathon and health expo


Are you looking to combine a fitness challenge with a fun trip?  If so, then read on. Guest blogger, Olivia Wood, helps you learn more about the Health and Fitness Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada coming up in November.

Las Vegas doesn’t cut corners when it comes to providing the ultimate entertainment to people. It may be known for its noisy and flashy casino halls but now, it’s also becoming the go-to place for health buffs to challenge themselves. On November 11 – 13, 2016, runners and fitness enthusiasts will be happy to know that Sin City will be holding a 3-day Health and Fitness Expo that includes a Marathon, which will see participants using part of the Strip as their circuit. This event is great for people who are looking for health products, tips, and services that can aid them in losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

The Health and Fitness Expo will be featuring leaders in the fitness industry speaking at the event. Some of the notable speakers include Michael Ryan, CEO of Fitness STAR International, and Adriel Borhesi, Operations Manager/personal Trainer at Dumbbells Too.

Those who wish to participate in the marathon will need to visit the Health & Fitness expo in order to get their race packs, which include a t-shirt, gear bag, and race number. During the race, runners will get the chance to see the Strip at night, passing by some of the most iconic establishments such as the Wynn Casino, Caesar’s Palace, and Mandalay Bay Casino. Participants don’t need to be experienced long distance runners as there’s also a half marathon for beginners. For experienced marathon runners, the full version usually takes around 5 hours to complete. Around 20,000 runners participate in the event every year so if you’re interested in participating, register as early as now. Slots are limited and people sign up to the event every day, so make sure you secure your place now.

There have been a lot of fitness expos in Las Vegas currently, alongside popular annual events such as comic cons and tech shows. Las Vegas is trying to bolster its annual events schedule due to the fact that its casino services are slowly becoming redundant thanks to the advancements in online play. Today, people don’t need to go to Las Vegas just to play in the city’s huge bingo halls or gaming floors as people can simply do so in the comfort of their own home and enjoy cash rebates and multiple variants of TV and movie-themed bingo titles. Slots and table games can also be played on smartphones, complete with live dealers for blackjack and poker. Since Las Vegas cannot compete with the comfort that online casino gaming provides, Sin City casinos are constantly looking for alternative ways to generate revenue, and in this case, the Las Vegas Marathon and Health Expo is one of the ways that the city considered to counter the ongoing trend of online gaming.

Such an events as this, helps bring in a new demographic to Las Vegas every year, and introduce them to the wonders of Las Vegas. After all, Las Vegas isn’t all cocktails and burgers.

For more information, you may visit the event’s official website.

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Fitness on the Go In Lynchburg, VA

Do you feel like your fitness routine has to stay at home when you travel? The answer is no! With a little planning, you can explore a city and stay fit in the process. In September, my hubby and I attended the wedding of our friend’s son in Lynchburg, VA. We left on Friday after a half day of work. I got four workouts in for the week before we left. My goal is to get 5 to 6 workouts in each week. A few days before we left, hubby did some research online and found there was a Rails to Trails river walking/biking path right behind our hotel. Yay. Our hotel, rented bikes for only $5 per hour, double yay. Since the wedding wasn’t taking place until 5:30 pm, we had all morning to explore Lynchburg and take a ride on the river walk.

Our hotel. It used to be a shoe factory. It was very unique!
Our hotel. It used to be a shoe factory. It was very unique!


Lynchburg is called “the city on the hill”.  Even though it’s a small city, we got a lot of exercise just walking around and exploring first thing in the morning.  Bring a good pair of sneakers with you so you can enjoy your walk.  We found a cool place to eat lunch called Jefe.  It was a taco place.  They had all kinds of tacos and tequila to sample.

After our walk we rented our bikes and headed out for our ride on the river walk.  We had an absolutely gorgeous day.  The six mile ride we took followed the James River and crossed a bridge to an island where people enjoy camping.  The river walk was paved.  There are plans to extend the trail to stretch for 22 miles and stretch all the way to Appomattox Courthouse, where General Lee surrendered to General Grant.  Fun fact:  It’s a town, not an actual courthouse!

Here’s a video I shot live for Periscope while we stopped on the bridge over the river.  Hopefully, this will give you the nudge to try this ride if you visit Lynchburg.

After lunch, some more walking, a little rest and a refreshing shower at our hotel, it was time to head for the wedding.  It was on the 17th hole of a beautiful golf course where the couple met while working together one summer.  The reception was on the lawn of the club house, which looked like it was once a plantation house.  It was the perfect southern reception, and we didn’t have to feel guilty about the food and drink because we got our exercise!



Vacation Fitness

When you are on vacation, sometimes your fitness plans go out the window.

Saturday we travelled from our home in Central PA Sunset Beto the shores of the Carolina Coast.  We spend a relaxing family vacation in Sunset Beach, North Carolina.  Sometimes it’s hard to continue your fitness routine when your regular routine is non-existant.  Here’s some ways I try to stay focused on fitness while I am on vacation.  With a little pre-planning you can too.

While travelling:

  • Pack your own nutritious snacks rather than stopping at convenience stores and loading up on junk.
  • When you take rest breaks, make sure they include a walk around the rest stop and some stretching before you pile back into your car.

At your destination:

  • Plan some fitness activities for your family.  Hikes, kyaking, swimming, walking on the beach and bike rides all count as exercise and will burn some of those extra colories you consume while vacationing.  Have you tried a new fitness activity with the family lately? This is the perfect opportunity to try a climbing wall, whitewater rafting or some other fun yet active outing. 
  • Plan workouts you can do on the go.  That means something you can do that doesn’t require a gym or heavy equipment.  My hubby and I put together some workouts we can do in the parking area under our beach house.  All we need is some space, a stopwatch and some resistance bands.  I am planning to make some of those workouts available here on this website for you to use.
  • Eat as nutritiously as possible.  Buy local produce, whole grains and lean meats to eat at your destination.  When you eat out, remember that there are some very tasty yet nutritious dishes on most restaurant menus.  I brought my Shakeology along on my vacation to have for lunch.  That way I won’t miss out on the nutrients I need to keep me going strong all vacation long!