5 Reasons Why Dieting is Dumb During the Holidays

We have ALL stressed over our not-so-healthy eating habits during the holidays. We even decide to “watch what we eat” and set daily calorie limits between Thanksgiving and the new year. Who hasn’t read articles (and I’ve written one or two) about how to keep yourself from overindulging during this festive time.  Here’s five reasons why we should just chill out a little bit.

You are setting yourself up to fail

With all the holiday parties, get-togethers, and office treats, there is no way you will be able to resist all the goodies, nor should you want to. Take smaller portions, or healthier options if you can, enjoy yourself and the company of your family and friends. Unrealistic expectations means sure failure, and for most people that is a crushing blow you don’t need at this time of the year.

This is a time to celebrate with the people you love most

Celebrations around the world usually mean food and drink. It can also mean dancing, games, storytelling and a host of other fun activities to share.  Strike a balance. Don’t sit around for hours and gorge, but do take part in the celebration feast!

Food = Love for many in your family

For my mom, cooking for the family is a labor of love. Holiday dinners are filled with comfort foods.  That usually means lots of fat, sugar and calories. In the past, I have passed up some of her family favorites and watched her face fall because I didn’t want what she so lovingly prepared for me. Is your diet on this holiday really worth refusing cherished family recipes that have so much history and love attached to them?

You will feel deprived

Severely limiting your participation in the celebration will cause you to feel deprived. Feeling deprived eventually leads to overeating and you will have seriously sabotaged all your hard work in the months leading up to the holidays. Instead, shoot for moderation at each event you are attending.

If you live a healthy lifestyle year-round, this won’t break the bank

Yes, you may have to watch a little harder after the holidays and work out a little more regularly come January, but if living healthy is your usual M.O. indulging a bit in December is okay. Give yourself a holiday from the guilt trip you’re about to put yourself on. If living healthy is not your usual thing, then January is a great time to start!