Home Chef: 5 Ways it Can Help You Lose Weight


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home chef salmonI’m not a big product endorser, but I’ll make and exception for Home Chef. Hubby and I started getting Home Chef about a year ago.  We really love it for lots of reasons.  Here’s five reasons why we love it for weight loss/weight maintenance:

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Portion Control

Every Home Chef meal comes perfectly portioned for one person.  You get exactly the amount of food you should eat in one sitting. No waste. No leftovers. Controlled portions mean controlled calories and that will help you lose weight.  There is no guess work and no underestimating how much you ate.  Each meal comes with calorie and nutrient totals. Home Chef meals are already included in the Lose It app. That makes it super easy if you’re counting calories.

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Home Chef is 100% Clean Eating

When our Home Chef box comes on Tuesday (you can pick what day of the week you want yours delivered) all the main ingredients (meats, vegetables and grains) are fresh.  The meats are way better quality than I can get at my local grocery. Ingredients free from additives, preservatives, sugar and salt  are better for you and lower in calories.

Low Calorie and Vegetarian Options

The types of meals that will be delivered to you is up to you. We have picked the Low Calorie option.  Every meal that would automatically be sent  to us would come from Home Chef’s low calorie recipes. These meals stay between 400 and 700 total calories. They are restaurant quality and are not boring or bland at all.  You have the choice of all vegetarian if you want, or settings can avoid any food allergies you may have. You can always get online and change what will be delivered to you for each week.

Get as Many Meals per Week as You Want

You can get as many, or as few meals per week as you like. You get free shipping if you keep it at 3 or more per week. The more low cal meals per week you get, the easier it will be to lose or maintain your weight.

Learn How to Cook the Healthy Way

I’ve become a better and healthier cook through Home Chef. I’ve learned how to sear and bake meats over frying.  Olive oil and a variety of spices can be added flavor (but not calories) to meals. Each meal comes with a sturdy, colorful recipe card that goes easily into a spiral notebook. You can reuse them with your own ingredients.

A few things to keep in mind

You order Home Chef with your credit card.  It’s a subscription, so it keeps coming every week, unless you tell them to discontinue.

You can skip delivery ANY week.  If you go out of town or have guests in, just get on the website by the Friday before your delivery date and select “skip” for the week(s) you don’t want meals.

This is a great service for couples or singles. Not so much for larger families on a budget, or with finicky kid eaters! Meals are $9.99 each and are restaurant quality.

I’m not getting any commission for recommending this product. I just really really like it.