Staying Fit on Vacation-Kayaking

I sure am glad I got started on this blog thanks to #TravelFit2014 and Jennifer Whitehead at the Aria Las Vegas hotel. Otherwise I may not have been as motivated to get this trip arranged. Today we took kayaking trip at Assateague Island. If you are not familiar, this is one of the islands in Maryland and Virginia that are inhabited with wild horses.

We booked our ecotour with Coastal Kayak. Chris and Steffan were our guides. My family and another family on a day trip from Philly were in the group. We had a 45 minute van drive to the island. Steffan is the”lucky guide” and always spots horses when he leads a tour. Luck was with us as soon as we crossed the bridge to the island. There were several horses on the road including the only baby born on the island this year.

We unloaded the kayaks and got underway. The water and the weather were both beautiful. We spotted several native birds to the island and a few crabs in the water. Not long after that we saw a “band” of horses which consists of a male and several females. They were feeding on sea grasses. This is their main diet, along with lots of water since the grass is very salty. Our kayaks were only about ten feet away from the horses. They seem very used to people and watched us about as much as we watched them.

Our kayak trip was about 90 minutes of paddling. This was a good workout for the day. I think we made a convert to kayaking out of hubby Bob. He had never gone before and he was really into spotting all the wild horses.

Before we got back in the van, we had a visit from a lone male horse. He acted like he wanted a food handout. You aren’t allowed to feed the horses so they don’t get dependent on humans for food. The guides told us they get enough food from the campers (they steal it from the campsites just like bears or raccoons). When we didn’t give him treats he lumbered away to see what else he could find.

What a fun day! I would recommend a kayak tour for anyone looking for an active adventure on the water.

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Summer Fitness Challenge


If you have been wondering where I’ve been, I spent the summer doing some pretty serious studying for my ACE Certified Personal Trainer’s exam.  I started this whole process over a year ago and I am happy to report that yesterday I took my test and passed. I am now officially certified! I have got some more work to do before I am ready to take on clients, but I am on my way.  I was hoping Marla, my daughter, would post her Couch to 5K progress in my absence, but that didn’t happen.  Instead she got a membership to a gym and is busy losing weight and adding some muscle.

That’s not all I’ve been up to though. I tried a new activity this summer: kayaking.  I got to go on the intracoastal waterway in North Carolina and again on the Monogahela River in Pittsburgh, PA.  It’s a great upper body workout and a great way to see parts of the countryside in a whole new way.

The other cool thing I have been doing this summer is a challenge my school district started as part of their new wellness program called The Summer Bucket List Challenge.  It is a challenge that could be easily modified for any group.  All summer long we have been taking part in activities that will improve our physical, mental and social health.  They are things we can do on our own, with friends or with family. The challenge was to do as many activities on the “bucket list” as we could over the summer.  On August 19th prizes will be awarded to those who reached black, purple and silver levels of participation. I think I am going to modify this challenge and try it with my private facebook fitness group. I promise you will be hearing more from me now that my certification test is complete.  I’ll be back to giving you more fitness info more often!