Online Fitness Coaching: Level Up! With Slimkicker

We could all use a little motivation to stay on track when trying to eat healthy and exercise. For all you techies, a new website and iphone/ipad app is ready to help you stay on track. The folks at asked me to review their new website and app and let you know what I think.

Slimkicker is a website and app where you can keep track of your food intake and exercise calorie output.  Nothing new.  There are lots of websites and apps that do this.  The difference?  Slimkicker is designed to work like a video game. As you record what you eat and what your workout is each day, you earn points. The points move you to different “levels”.

Now I liked this idea because I have always been a health nut and always been pretty much the same weight. So the sights that emphasize weight loss just are not for me. This one intrigued me so I joined.


Track Food: Record what you eat by searching for the food item and entering the food amount.  It will keep track of the  calories you have consumed and compare that to your preset calorie goal according to height, weight, exercise levels and amount of weight you want to lose or  gain.


Track exercise: You can record the calories you expend during exercise by entering the types and amounts of activities you take part in each day. There is a large data base of exercises you can search to record what you have done.

Challenges:  This is my favorite part.  There are a huge amount of challenges you can join that help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Get points for checking in each day the challenge progresses.  There are fitness and diet challenges as well as others.  I joined the “Beauty Sleep” challenge.  It’s a seven day challenge to help you get to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual.  So far it has helped me get in bed before 11 p.m. each nite this week. There are also some challenges you can join that offer a chance to win prizes (like $100 gift cards) to people who finish.

Social Sharing: You can friend other members within the group and comment on their status updates and check-ins.  You can really support each other during your fitness journey.  There are lots of groups you can join to connect with like minded people.  I joined a beta tester group to give suggestions to make the site even better.

Rewards:  You can select and share what reward you will give yourself when you level up.  When I reached level two I downloaded an MP3 from Florence and the Machine.  When I leveled up to #3 I treated myself to a movie night and we watched “The Help” at our house. Haven’t decided what to reward myself with for level 4.  Any suggestions??

Things I’m hoping to see at Slimkicker soon

  • A barcode scanner in the track foods area.  It makes recording your calories so much easier
  • I use DVD programs to exercise like P90X,  Zumba etc.  It would be nice if they were in the exercise area to choose from.
  • A way to connect with friends you make in Slimkicker via facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  • An app for my Android phone please!

Take a look at Slimkicker at or download the app if you have an Iphone/pad.  Then comment here on how you like it.