Fitness Challenge Idea: Squats and More Squats!

Are you looking for more fitness challenge ideas?  My private facebook fitness group is working on a squat challenge this month.  Each day you do a different number of squats.  The original challenge was for December, but my group modified it for March.  If you like this squat challenge , check out Chickentuna’s blog on Tumblr.  She adds a new squat challenge each month.  I’m glad my group started with December’s challenge, because March looks killer!

My group is having fun with this challenge.  It’s easy to moderate; no point or things for me to keep track of.  Everyone just does their squats for the day and reports in.  Sometimes people can’t get them all in and they “play catch-up” so they don’t miss any.  I doubt they would be doing that if they were not in the challenge group.

Before you start a squat challenge, take a look at a demo or two on how to do a squat correctly.  You can find a video on Youtube.  Here’s the one I made for my group:

Happy Squatting!  If you try it, let me know how your group likes it. Time for me to go do my 70 squats for today…