Food for Your Mood 15 Day Experiement

At the end of July, I did a lot of research for my “Food for Your Mood” post.  The research points to the fact that eating a healthier diet can improve your mood, alleviate depression and combat feeling like your butt is dragging all day.  So yesterday the lightbulb went off over my head.  Why not conduct a 15 day experiment on this fitness coach (me) and see if your mood is affected by what you eat?  Some days I do very well, some days not so much.  Let’s see if it makes a difference.  So through the magic of the internet and video, I will bring you the “Food for Your Mood” 15 day experiement starting tomorrow.  I will try to hold all other variables as constant as possible, but will include that in the report as well.  So get ready to watch your Ginea pig blog!

Managing Stress with Exercise

I am a huge proponent of managing stress with regular exercise.  Studies have shown over and over again that daily exercise can elevate mood and relieve stress.  People who are mildly or moderately depressed can get as much relief from daily exercise as they can from anti-depressants.  So now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.  Our school district is in the middle of a huge reorganization, closing buildings, furloughing teachers and moving everyone who is left all around.  I have been teaching at the same school at the same grade level for 11 years.  Next year I will move from high school to middle school (6th and 7th grade).  Big changes equal big amounts of stress.  The last time I had a big job change I left my daily exercise routine slip and I paid the price.  This time I am determined to do better.  My health and well being will not take a back burner to a crazy schedule and new responsibilities.  I have to take care of myself first.  If I can stay focused on that, the rest will fall into place.  When have you had to make a big life change?  Did keeping your workout schedule keep you sane?  Let me know your story!