Diet Plan for Menopause- Water


Are you slowly beginning to feel like a raisin in the Sahara? Do your eyelids scratch across your eyeballs like sandpaper in the morning? Does your skin suck in moisturizer like a sponge, but it still looks cracked and flaky?  Does every mucus membrane in your body feel dried up and ready to blow away?  Welcome to one of the many joys of menopause.  This is another side affect of your lower estrogen level.


Now is the time to pay more attention to your water intake.  Did you know that you are to drink half your weight in ounces?  That means if you weigh 130lbs, you should drink 65 oz. of H20. That’s a little over eight 8oz glasses each day. Drinking the correct amount of water has several benefits

  • Keeps your energy level up
  • Makes your skin more supple and glowing
  • Maintain and offset dryness of mucus membranes (think eyelids, nasal passages and vaginal walls)

You may be thinking that you are getting adequate water intake by drinking coffee, tea, soda and juice during the day, but think again.  Coffee, tea and soda are diuretics.  That means they make you urinate more frequently.  They may be causing you to dehydrate. Any sugary drink is adding calories you don’t need to your diet and don’t forget that caffeinated drinks can trigger hot flashes.

Do your “new” body a favor and replace some of your other beverages with a tall cold glass of water.  Better yet, make it about 8 a day.

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