Here’s what clients are saying about Sue Kauffman Fitness

“I am a person who needs a specific plan. Sue provided me with weekly goals and very easy meal plans that I could adapt to my liking. I charted my daily water intake and diet. Sue checked in with me weekly and this accountability kept me on track. She also was available to help me through any rough spots I encountered. I would recommend SKF to a friend over another health fitness service because having known Sue for many years I know that she is very knowledgeable in the field. She adds a personal touch to her service and is always a ‘text’ away!”

-Jacquie Bennet Woodland Hills, CA



“Sue starts as your trainer, but ends up your friend. She cares deeply about your health, mind and body. I just finished 6 weeks of training with Sue. I wasn’t sure how my body would react to “training”. Not many are aware that I have a condition that causes my legs and core to “short circuit”. The inability to exercise contributed to undesirable weight gain. After many failed visits to PT and neurologists in search of treatment options, I hired Sue. She did it! After testing my strength and looking for deficits, Sue tailored a plan just for me. Within 2 weeks, I noticed improvement. After 6 weeks, my balance is better, my core is stronger, and walking is much easier. As an added bonus, I’ve lost weight and those nasty love handles are disappearing! I’m now working out on my own using the tools she taught me. I would recommend Sue to anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks, Sue!”

Rhonda Gum Lewistown, PA




“My mom had heard great things about Sue helping other individuals meet their health and fitness goals. She took the time to help me come up with the best fitness and nutrition plan for my busy schedule as I was training to run for my first full marathon. Sue would check in with me once a day to ensure that I completed my workout and nutrition goals for that day! It was a great way to keep me on the path towards achieving my goal. Yes, absolutely, I would recommend SKF to a friend. Sue was personable, knowledgeable, and supportive. I could tell that she wanted me to achieve my goal just as much as I did!”

       -Ellyn Geedey Lewistown, PA

I needed some direction on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Every week Sue gave me things to do that are now a habit for my everyday life. She checked in every week to make sure I was following the plan. Yes, I would recommend Sue Kauffman Fitness to a  friend because she is easy to talk to and sets reasonable goals.

-Angie Esh Reedsville, PA